February Release Video lookbooks, Store Hub, Distributed Cache and more.

A preview of our latest feature released, the video lookbooks. The user interface of the image is displayed in a mock-up of a mobile phone.

During the past six weeks, our product teams worked hard to build two new major features and achieve a large number of improvements to the Highstreet platform. We wanted to kickstart this year, as we concluded greatly the last, and we believe we did! Platform Update – February 2021 🚀 New features Video Lookbooks App Speed measurements Distributed […]

App Platform Release – September 2020

Every few weeks you can look forward to new features on the Highstreet platform. Over the past six weeks our product teams worked hard to bring a large number of innovative features to the Highstreet app platform. All these features are available in our mobile platform and we’re super excited to share them with you! Enjoy finding out!

Highstreet Mobile joins Dutch Apple Pay launch

Early May, Apple announced that Apple Pay will finally arrive in The Netherlands. Since the launch of Apple Pay in the US and Europe, the dutch consumer has been very vocal about wanting to adopt this feature. This doesn’t come as a surprise, because the dutch e-commerce market is among the biggest of Europe and features like contactless payments in stores are widely adopted.