Home wall preview

Home wall preview

We care a lot about realistic previews of the content you create in Studio. The device previews in Studio give an accurate way of previewing content, but the best test is to see your content on an actual device. We are going to work on a preview functionality for home walls just like you can already do for lookbooks. Just scan a QR code and preview your home wall on your device.

Popover redesign

In Studio, a lot of the interactions needed to set up content is happening inside popovers. We want to invest some time in improving the code and design of these popovers. This way they will perform better and it will be easier to interact with them.

Refactor device previews

Studio device previews

We are steadily updating the code base of Studio to make it more reliable and to improve its performance. A bigger project is to refactor the content previews of your home merchandise and lookbook content. We know how important it is to have previews which are an accurate representation of how your content will be displayed in the apps. With this refactor we aim to make these previews more reliable.