Apple Pay Coupon Codes

With the release of iOS 15 we are now able to support adding coupon codes while checking out using Apple Pay.

Video Lookbook Audio

During the initial implementation of Video Lookbooks we made the audio be triggered by the physical switch on an iPhone. When the physical switch is turned off audio would never play. We realised that audio plays a huge role in the Video Lookbook content and it contributes to the engagement of the feature. We will therefore refine this feature a bit to make audio a more prominent part of Video Lookbooks.

Key Action Buttons (Android)

The latest Product Detail View (PDV) refresh on iOS introduced the key action buttons as a new UI element and a way to customise the PDV. The buttons are prominently featured in the product description section. This cycle we will add the KAB to Android as well.

Magento 2 checkout speed

We are improving the way product requests are being handled in our Magento 2 checkout implementation. This way we can speed up the rather slow requests from Magento and make the experience in our apps better.

Speed improvements

We recently implemented measurements to our apps and backend to see where we could improve in terms of speed. We analysed this data and are now going to implement some changes that would help to make the apps and backend on our platform faster.

Video lookbook refinements

We are really impressed with all the great video lookbooks we currently see on the platform and want to make the experience even better. With this project we make some refinements to video lookbooks that will make it easier to create them in Studio and make the experience better for your customers.

iOS tracking permission

Apple is soon going to require apps to ask users for permission before tracking them. This is done using a system prompt. Until the user has given permission, apps do not have access to the Advertising Identifier (IDFA). While we do not use the IDFA or perform tracking ourselves, we do include 3rd party SDKs that do so. By default this popover will be disabled, but it can be activated on request.

Track Apple Search Ads

With this improvement you will be to track the effectiveness of your Apple Search Ads. You will be able to see who installed the app because of such an ad and what users do after they download your app because of an Apple Search Ad. This information will be integrated in our current analytics setup.

Update Adyen integration

We currently integrate with Adyen using a Hosted Payment Page (HPP). The HPP integration we currently use needs to be updated to make it future proof. We recently did research on what would be the best approach and in this project we are going to update our Adyen integration.

App speed measurements

Next to building new features, improving our existing ones also has our priority. We will spend some time on improving the performance of important parts of the apps like the category views and the product detail view. To do this we will first need to gather data in the front and backend of the apps to pinpoint where improvements can be made. After this is done we can plan specific tasks to increase the speed of these views.