Dynamic Free Shipping Message

The cart is the perfect view to engage with customers and increase order value. We are working on displaying an approaching promotion and nudging customers into adding one more product to take advantage of it. The starting point is showing the threshold for free shipping and how much is left to unlock the promotion.

Push Notifications for Order States

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engagement. We will work to support push notifications when an order changes status. Order updates are a key step of the buying journey. For example, you will be able to notify your customers when a BOPIS order is ready to be picked up.

Track & Trace link on Order History

The native Order History is the perfect view for users to monitor their purchases. When an order is shipped, customers want to track their package. We will work to link orders to the Track & Trace URL provided by the postal service. So, customers can follow their orders to the doorstep entirely via the app.

Transcoding video in Studio

We will work on a small improvement in the way we transcode videos in NewStore Studio. Some of the managers have already been worked on, but there is some small left-over work for push messages and home merchandise. This refinement will allow for more video formats to be uploaded.

Order status refinements

We worked on some small improvements for the order statuses in the order history view. This includes some stability issues and updating the color coding of the different statuses to be more accurate.

Payment Methods Express Checkout (iOS)

Since we developed the iOS Express Checkout that is used for buying a product in a store, we have only supported Apple Pay as a payment method. For consumers that don’t want to use Apple Pay and for brands that don’t have Apple Pay set up in their consumer app, we will now add all other payment options to the express checkout. We have worked on this for Android during our previous product development cycle, and will now implement it in a similar way on iOS.

Color Swatches on PLP (iOS)

As part of the Lister View Redesign, we will work on adding a new feature to the PLP: Color Swatches. During our most recent usability tests, we often got a comment about not having swatches on the PLP and that it would be nice to be able to see if there are more colors of an item. In Cycle 3 of 2022, we will work on adding swatches as a platform feature to add direct value to the app consumers.

Migrate Smartbanner

Last cycle we worked on moving away from DigitalOcean. Together with this we had to migrate several elements, such as the loyalty web components, API docs, buildbot, and the smartbanner. There is some leftover backend work to drop support for the old smartbanner backend.

Dynamic Category Colors

Having a different color for a category item in the navigation bar is getting increasingly more popular, especially during sale period. It has turned out to be difficult to maintain for our service engineers, and requires an app update to work. To make this more dynamic for our team, we will work on a quick solution to manage the category color in such a way that it does not require an app update.

Maintenance Mode Per Storefront

Last cycle we built support for enabling maintenance mode per storefront in Studio. To be able to release this feature we will make some last changes on the app side.