Product videos

Video has the ability to convey an incredible amount of information very fast. Just like with video lookbooks, we believe video content is becoming more important in e-commerce apps. Video gives your customers more information about how the product looks and brands are discovering that it can help to reduce the return rate of your orders as well. Product videos will be available on iOS first.

Navigation redesign foundations (Android)

Last year, we completely redesigned the navigation bar on iOS. Moving this element from the top of your category views to the bottom helps reachability and ease of use. This year we are going to bring this navigation pattern to Android as well. Because Android now has a completely different navigation pattern, we first need to do some foundational work before we can ship this feature. This cycle we take care of the foundational work so we can release the complete feature soon.

Video lookbooks

Lookbooks are a big pillar of our apps and a feature that is heavily used by all brands. To bring lookbooks to the next level we are introducing video lookbooks! This new type of lookbook will let you link products to your video content and present it in a way where customers are able to shop the products visible in your video’s.

Store hub

The Store hub is the next step in providing a seamless brand experience between the app and your physical stores. When customers enter your store and open the app, the Store hub will launch immediately. From this view they will be able to launch store specific features and see important information like their loyalty card, vouchers or recent orders.

Free bonus products

Free bonus products

This feature allows you to give away a free product to your customers when they have reached a certain set of rules. An example could be: “Get a free hat when spending €50”. With this feature you can let them choose and configure a product from a range of different products.

App Clip: Product Discovery

With App Clips your customers can open a native app experience without having to downloads your app. They simply scan a QR-code or hold their phone near an NFC tag and they can start shopping.

Order history redesign

Order history redesign

With this redesign we are making the order history view completely native. This allows us to integrate it more efficient in to the codebase of our apps and allows us to take advantage of native features. Next to making it native, the order history view will also get a completely new design.

Native store finder

Store finder Android

Physical stores are a big part of the customer journey and for many of the brands on our platform an important channel to build the brand. Right now everyone has the possibility to add a store finder through a content extension. The downside of this implementation is that we cannot build native experiences around the stores and leverage the experience of customers visiting stores regularly. This feature will open these possibilities.