Advanced App Extensions

App Extensions provide essential extensibility to your app. They enable displaying of web content and features, designed and developed by a brand, in the native app. For example, a custom appointment booking system. Now, we want to push the concept even further by allowing communication between the app and the web view. Thus, trigger native app functionalities from an App Extension.

Brand Stories

Brand Stories is a new feature, consisting of a single element that can be placed on the home wall. A Brand Story can contain multiple ‘pages’ that users can swipe through. Every page can have a different copy, image or video, and link to a different view of the app. The Brand Stories can be created in Studio through a new manager.

Push notification statistics (Studio)

The Notification Manager in Studio is a great tool to reach out to your customers. To make sure you can create even better and more effective push notifications, we will add some statistics to the notifications manager in Studio. This can help you analyse which notifications perform best and learn from that.

Alerts for broken product link (Studio)

We are constantly trying to make Studio smarter. Lately, we have noticed that sometimes products are missing from the apps, mostly for look books. This can happen when products are out of stock, or removed from the catalog. Right now, we don’t have any indication in Studio that notifies you when a product link is ‘broken’. This cycle, we will work on an email alerting system that automatically checks your product links and will send you an email overview of any product links that are broken. This way we can more actively let you know something is broken and you can act accordingly and make sure lookbooks or categories do not appear empty.

Android Account Onboarding

Having an account in the consumer app comes with a lot of benefits, both for you as a brand and for your consumers. With an account you can keep track of your purchases, check out faster, and use a membership card, for example. The account onboarding has been around on iOS for a long time, and we are finally bringing it to Android. This will give you that extra option to notify your customers that they should create an account.

Generational Cache

Instead of relying on a synchronised cache as we do right now, we want to move over to a generational cache system, where the cache can be updated constantly. The goal of this project is to cache more products while spreading the load of fetching products to cache over the day. We can later use this to cache content like walls and lookbooks from Studio.

End-to-end tests

The purpose of this feature is to improve the confidence in our codebase by adding a new layer of tests on the integration level. Right now, we rely mostly on unit tests. While the test coverage is good and the tests run fast, it doesn’t necessarily protect us from any errors introduced when integrating the various units. The goal of this project is to lay the foundation for a maintainable and effective set of end-to-end tests.

Migrate to Room

During the development of the Android Membership Instant App, we have identified an issue in one of our currently used libraries. Due to this we need to migrate over to Google’s ‘Room’ library. This is a huge project which will take a couple of months to finish, but it will allow us to increase the number of Instant Apps in the future.

Membership Instant App (Android)

Instant Apps are the equivalent of the iOS App Clips, which we have recently build on the platform. To support Android users we will work on building a first Instant App. The concept is the same as App Clips: try out a part of the app without having to download the full app from the Play Store. The first ‘type’ of Instant App we will build is the Membership Instant App, which pushes store visitors to create an account.

Express Checkout Android

This cycle we will focus on bringing some store features to Android. Last cycle we developed an express checkout for ‘Buy Online Pickup In-Store’ (aka BOPIS) on iOS. Now it is time to bring this feature to Android.