Mobilizing the
in-store experience

Fans of fashion brands are already using Highstreet powered apps to make mobile shopping so much smoother. Today’s customer journey reaches beyond shopping online. Consumers take their smartphones into the brand stores as well. We believe consumer apps can re-invent the store experience.

NewStore: our in-store partner

NewStore has built an Omnichannel-as-a-Service platform that allows brands to run their retail stores on mobile. Intuitive apps turn store associates into a point of sale, living website, and instant customer support. They enable them to deliver the seamless experiences today’s mobile-first shoppers demand.

By combining the powers of the Highstreet consumer apps and the NewStore store associates solution, a truly revolutionary in-store experience can be delivered as-a-service to fashion brands.

In-Store Features

Real-time stock levels

Gain real-time visibility into your store and app stock levels.

Self-scan checkout

Skip the line! Collect items from within a store and buy them using the app.

Pickup in-store

Order online and pick it up in one of the brand stores.


Let customers quickly return their products by scanning a QR code.

Real-time stock levels

Let your customers know when a product is sold out. By integrating NewStore’s real-time inventory feed into your Highstreet Consumer App customers can request to get notified the moment a product is back in stock. Whether this is online or in a store nearby, they will be first to know.

order tracking

Pickup In-Store

Pickup In-Store makes it possible to buy something from the Consumer App and then pick it up in a store nearby where a Store Associate has collected the order.

What the customer sees

The customer buys a product using the Highstreet Consumer App and selects Pickup In-Store. When the order is ready in-store, the customer will receive a push notification from their app.

What the store associate does

The store associate will receive a push notification from the NewStore Fulfillment App, asking them to fulfill the customer’s order. The store associate packs the order, prints the labels and documents, and hands over the order to the customer upon their arrival.

Store Experience

Change the way your customers shop with a new kind of store experience. From self-checkout where customers never have to stand in line again, to augmented reality and try-on requests. It can all be achieved by connecting your Highstreet consumer app with NewStore.

Store experience

Self-scanning checkout

Soon, there will be no need for customers to stand in line to checkout. With this new kind of store experience customers can scan and pay for items themselves through the Highstreet Consumer App’s Self-Checkout technology.

What the customer sees

Consumers can collect items from the racks, scan them with their phone, and checkout in the app or alert a store associate for assistance.

What the store associate does

The store associate scans the QR-code on the customer’s device after selecting ‘pay with a store associate.’ The associate then checks the order and selects a payment method.

store experience

Quick returns

Handling returns is currently a complete task for both the store associates and customers.. It requires a lot of paperwork and sometimes several devices. With a Highstreet-NewStore-powered store experience, returning products and handling returns in-store is quicker and easier than ever before.

What the customer sees

The consumer brings the items they want to return to the store and let’s the store associate scan their customer card. When the associate has refunded the items, the consumer gets a push notification.

What the store associate does

The associate scans the customer card and the items the customer wants to return. They can then enter a reason for the return and select how the customer wishes to be refunded.

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