Video merchandise

A richer home experience

Eye catching, gut moving

Video’s tell visually compelling stories of your brand. It helps customers relate to your brand in a more visceral way. By seamlessly integrating video into the apps’ home view, the experience becomes almost magical.

Next level mobile experiences

Tell your brand story

Turn that video footage of your recent shoot into a short teaser of your latest collection. At Highstreet we empower brands by providing them the tools they need to tell their brand stories. Video is commonplace on desktop. We introduce it on mobile.

See the difference

Dynamic. Engaging. Compelling.

The visual storytelling of videos can be much stronger then images. It’s great to offer different views of the new collection. It is also a great way of getting attention to specific parts of the app like when you want to highlight certain campaigns or promotions.

Image merchandise

Video merchandise

Easy to experience

Easy to create

Highstreet Studio is the creative environment where our customers create content for their app. Video is just a simple extra option when creating the apps home experience. You upload a video, we take care of the rest. It is that easy.

How it works

Fast and simple

It is not complicated to prepare video content for your apps. We work with a standard video format (16:9) and you can upload videos with a maximum of 30 seconds without audio. We make sure the video’s are then converted to play perfectly on different devices.

Let’s get technical

Details that make the difference

Wifi and Cellular

Not everyone has unlimited data on their phone. That’s why we have added a special setting for mobile data usage of videos. They play automatically on WiFi but only over mobile data if customers opt-in.

Smart loading

We want our apps to open fast. That’s why videos are not loaded before the app starts. Upon launch we first show a placeholder image while the video is being downloaded in the background. No waiting, no loading states, just a smooth experience.

Never miss a frame

When users scroll through the apps’ home experience, we pause videos that are out of sight. This saves battery and processor power. When the video is scrolled back in view again, we use a neat trick to ensure a smooth continuation: we take a screenshot where the customer stopped watching. When the video is brought in view again, we use that frame to play where they left off to avoid any stutter.

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