In touch with your customers

The power of rich push notifications

Push notifications are the most personal and effective way to engage with your mobile customers. Grab your customers attention for your beautiful products right on the device’s lock screen.

A direct way to reach your best customers

Research shows that customers who enabled push notifications account for 171% more app launches than customers who didn’t opt-in. They are your most enthusiastic customers. Keep it that way by sending them personal relevant messages right on their personal device.

Rich notifications
Your latest collection on your customers’ lock screen

Our platform was the first to support rich notifications for iOS and Android. Rich notifications allow you to add inspirational content like photographs, to your messages. This way, your notification will stand out on the crowded lock screens of your customers.

How our platform empowers you to reach your customers

Push a product

Your most popular dress is back in stock? Let your app customers know first. Create a nice visual notification showing the product image and let your mobile customers benefit from their head start.

Push a category

Summer is calling so you are having sale on all swimwear. Promote the entire swimwear category in just one notification. The rich notification will show the category’s first two products when a customer, for example, uses the 3D Touch feature to preview.

Push a Lookbook

Notify your app customers about your newest collection by pushing a new lookbook. The notification’s preview shows the first four lookbook images. With just one swipe to the right, your customers can browse and buy your looks.

Loyalty notifications
Reach out to your best customers

Notifications are also a powerful tool to connect to your loyal customers. We made rich notifications part of our loyalty product in two ways:

A voucher in the pocket

When loyalty customers purchase a product in-store that triggers a voucher, they instantly get a notification containing the voucher. That’s instantly rewarding!

Track orders and more

Using the new Highstreet Notification APIs brands on our platform can send personalised push messages to their app users. Like informing them about when that precious package arrives.

Highstreet Studio
Creating notifications was never that easy

Composing, scheduling, and sending notifications. In three simple steps.

Notification settings

First, you have to select the notification’s landing page. This could be a specific product, category, lookbook, or your app’s home.

Compose your message

Start on writing your notification’s title and message. You will see a real-time preview of your edits. Emojis allowed 😉

Send notification

If your notification is ready to be sent to your app customers, you can set the date and time or select “now” to send it right away. Bon voyage!

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