Content Extensions

Your best stories for your best customers

Content Extensions allow you to publish in-app branded content without any involvement of the our team. Now you can integrate online magazines, blog posts and other branded content seamlessly into your best performing channel.

Flexible integration

Content Extensions can be integrated in different points in the customer journey. From the apps’ home experience of course but also from within a product description or product attribute.

Home Merchandise

Link your Content Extension landing page or campaign right from your app’s home experience.

Product Description

Link to branded content about a product straight from the product description.

Product Specifications

Add branded content as an attribute to the product.

Content Extension vs. browser
Noticeable differences

Before branded content could open in an in-app browser. Content Extensions are a lot smarter though as they can detect which links need to be opened natively in the app. This results in a much better customer experience. To illustrate the difference we show branded content with and without content extension below.

In app browser

Links from the branded content page open the mobile site. This can be confusing.

Content Extension

Links from the branded content page now open the product detail view of the app. Seamless integration, no confusion.

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