Mobile Shopping

Simple, smart and delightful

Our platform is designed to offer your customers an exciting shopping experience on mobile. One that is better than desktop shopping ever was. An experience that is so simple and powerful that all attention goes to your products instead of to the interface. To accomplish this, we focus on the little details in every feature, screen and interaction.

Branded home experience
A warm welcome to your app

Your app customers arrive first on your home experience. To make them feel right at home, you can create an experience that captures your the look and feel of your brand. That’s why we give you the tools to merchandise your own branded home experience. In Highstreet Studio, you can easily design your home experience in the Home Merchandise Manager in any way you want.

Flexible layouts

We offer you different layouts to create a branded home experience. You can change these layouts anytime you’d like to create a fresh home experience.

Choice of destinations

You can link your imagery to a product, a product category, a lookbook or external web content. You can also leave an image static to create a playful design.

Plan in advance

Create a brand new home merchandise experience in advance so that you can publish it whenever the season starts.

Home Video Merchandise
Let your collection come alive

Full width moving video merchandise in the palm of your hand feels magical. It’s a new immersive way to promote your collection on mobile.

Marlies Dekkers
Scotch & Soda
Your products front and centre

The Highstreet platform has been designed to create a much more compelling mobile shopping experience. We let your products shine throughout your retail app.

Smart navigation

The menu guides customers through your app. They can easily select a product category or browse your lookbooks. This way, navigating becomes a breeze.

Product detail view

Viewing product details is super easy. With just one touch, customers find everything they need. Native features like 3D Touch offer your customers an advanced way of zooming.

Product to product

On any device, we offer a simple way to browse for products. Our product-to-product view is designed to offer customers a fast and inspiring way to view products.

Easy filters

Using filters, customers can create their own selection of products. Based on colour, size, price, or brand. Our filters are easy to use, timesaving and only show the products your customers are looking for.

Content Extensions
A richer shopping journey

Tell jour brands stories

Content Extensions allow Highstreet brands to publish in-app branded content without any involvement of the Highstreet team. Now they can integrate brand stories like product landing pages, online magazines, brand pages and blog posts seamlessly into the app.

Cart and checkout
Mobile payment made simple

We designed the Highstreet checkout to be super easy and fast. Your customers don’t have any reason to leave the cart while filling in their credentials and selecting their payment provider. Also, we are currently implementing Apple Pay so customers can use the one-touch-payment.

Inspirational shopping

Mobile customers want to be inspired. Our lookbook feature offers a great photographic experience on mobile. Inspire your customers with amazing visual content that you can merchandise at any time in Highstreet Studio. Our research shows that customers who browse a lookbook, stay longer, buy more and spend more than customers who did not.

Easy to browse

Browsing lookbooks is relaxing and fun. The edge to edge photography gives the impression of a magazine, but with the option to buy straight from the photo. It’s next generation mobile shopping.

Easy to create

Creating lookbooks is just as easy as browsing them. The Lookbook Manager in Highstreet Studio offers you a simple way to create an inspirational shopping experience for your customers.

Interested in Highstreet?

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The Highstreet platform is already improving mobile revenue for leading brands. Let us know if you’d like us to give a demo and show you all the great features of the platform in person, or if you want to be notified when we have more news.