Mobile shopping

Our platform is designed to offer your customers the best possible shopping experience on mobile. One that is better than desktop shopping ever was. An experience that is so simple and powerful that all attention goes to your products and your content. To accomplish this, we focus on the little details in every feature, animation and interaction.

Home merchandise

Welcome your customers with incredibly rich content that present your promotions and collections.


Offer a magazine-like experience by making your brand content shoppable.

Rich push notifications

Get brand video's and products on the lock screen of your customers.

Product detail view

The best and most engaging way to display your products.

Native checkout

A fully native checkout for maximum convenience and ease-of-use.

Content Extensions

Tell your brand stories by seamlessly integrating branded content in your app.

Smart navigation

Let customers explore you catalog in the easiest way possible.

Inspirational layout

Show off your products with flexible category layouts

home merchandise

A warm welcome to your app

The home experience is the first thing your customers will see when they open your app. Make them feel right at home with flexible layouts, video content, content extensions, looks and more.


Inspirational shopping

Inspire your customers with amazing visual content that is instantly shoppable. Our research shows that customers who browse a lookbook stay longer, buy and spend more.

Rich push notifications

Get in touch with your customers

Push notifications are the most personal and effective way to engage with your mobile customers. Grab your customer’s attention directly from the lock screen. Our platform offers Rich notifications, which can be enriched with brand images or videos.



product detail view

Your products front and center

At Highstreet we understand that your products are the most important thing in your app. That’s why we have spent countless of hours designing a product detail view where your customers will find everything they need. We also include native features like 3D Touch, which allows your customers to zoom in to see the smallest details in the easiest way possible.


A keen eye for details

Haptic feedback

Feeling a light buzz when performing a key action in the app gives your customers extra confirmation and feedback.

3D Touch

3D Touch offers your customers an advanced way of zooming into your products, using only their thumb.

Product-to-product swipe

Our product-to-product swipe makes sure that browsing your beautiful products images is easy and natural.

native checkout

Native functionality, modern design

Our native checkout is super easy, responsive and takes away all hesitation in the process of buying your products.


Modern design

With a modern card-based checkout design, your apps are ready for the future



With a modern card-based checkout design, your apps are ready for the future


Higher conversion

Our A/B test resulted in a 5% higher conversion rate compared to the already highly converting previous checkout.

content extensions

Present your brand stories

Strong brands tell stories to connect with their fans. Using our unique Content Extensions technology, brands can seamlessly integrate this content into the app, without any intervention of the Highstreet team.

smart navigation

Discover products at every step

Our layered app navigation is designed to guide your customers fluently and intuitively. With every tap the next navigation options are presented and new content is shown. This stimulates discovery and leaves no section in your app untouched.

inspirational layout

Get rid of the grid

Bigger screens means more room for your product images. Next to our standard column grids, Highstreet also supports an Inspirational Layout with varying image sizes.

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