Mobile Loyalty

Engage your best customers

Mobile is the most important way for consumers to engage with the brands they love. Visits to the store will lead to customers downloading your app and when customers are at home, you can reach and activate them to shop online. Highstreet offers an out-of-the-box loyalty feature-set presented in a most delightful way to your customers.

Your brand in the pocket of your customers

ntegrating your loyalty program allows customers to have everything they need from your brand in one place: your mobile app. Offer your loyal customers an in-app loyalty card, show incentives to earn loyalty points, and reach out with special campaigns.

Join the program

Customers launching the app will be invited to join your loyalty program. The onboarding screen offers space to display your program benefits.

Create an account

Most brands would like to know their loyalty program members a bit better. That’s why it’s possible to trigger a few additional personal information fields when customers opt-in to your program like gender and day of birth.

View points balance

Depending on your loyalty program you might offer customers a way to earn points or value that can be spent on benefits. The up-to-date balance is displayed below the account’s avatar.

No more plastic cards
Introducing the in-app loyalty card

Once customers join your program, the account’s section contains a loyalty card with the customer membership identification. This card can be easily swiped in view and used in-store to let customers have it scanned at the till. Nice detail: the brightness of the device’s screen will increase simultaneously so that your store associates can easily scan the customer’s barcode.

Earn, redeem, and benefit

Vouchers are the most important part of our loyalty feature as they encourage your customers to come back for more. Reward your customers with points, discounts, or gifts. All managed by your loyalty program setup.

Earning discounts

Value vouchers offer customers a discount on their next purchase. The rules for earning this discount are set by your loyalty program.

Long-term incentives

This type of voucher offers customers a challenge. Based on a set goal, customers can earn a certain value over-time based on their points balance. Once they reach the required amount of points, the voucher is added as a value voucher and the points balance is reset.

Free products

This voucher allows brands to surprise their customers with a free product based on defined rules. The example shown uses the customer’s birthday as a reason to offer them a free gift if they purchase another product.

Get in touch with your customers
Rich push notifications

Cart loyalty messages

The best place to let customers know about active vouchers is while they are shopping. That’s why we developed cart loyalty messages. Customers will see a visual message placed on top of the cart to let them know which vouchers have been applied.

Rich loyalty notifications

Using the Highstreet Rich Notifications API, brands using Highstreet can send rich push notifications to their loyalty members. For example, when customers purchase a product in-store that triggers a value voucher they instantly get a push notification containing the voucher.

Earning rewards
Order confirmation

The order confirmation screen will show customers how many points or which value their purchase added to their account. As they are encouraged to redeem these rewards in their next order, there is a big chance they will become loyal customers of your brand.

How it works
Integrating your Loyalty program


Highstreet connects to any loyalty program. We integrate on API level with your existing or future program and we make sure we can show your customer’s loyalty data in real-time. A few of our loyalty partners are M-wise, Spaaza, and Vemt.


After investigating your loyalty program backend, we will set up the technical documentation together with your loyalty party. As soon as the specs are finalised, we will start the implementation.


Typically, implementing your loyalty program into your Highstreet app takes 6-8 weeks. We deliver an on-brand design and once we are fully connected to your loyalty program, all data such as vouchers and purchases will be retrieved automatically.

Keep on personalising the mobile shopping experience

As a cloud-based platform, Highstreet is ever evolving. We are determined to make mobile shopping an even more personalised experience than ever before. In our release schedule, we include app updates to improve mobile loyalty every two weeks.

Loyalty showcase
Download the Lolaliza app now

Belgian fashion brand LolaLiza is the first brand launching their Highstreet app with our mobile loyalty feature. Download the LolaLiza app for iOS or Android.

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