Digital signage for retail

A simple solution to a richer store experience

Highstreet’s Digital Signage Retail solution enriches the store experience in a way that is compelling yet simple and manageable. A powerful combination of the latest technology based on Apple TV and tvOS with our merchandising suite, Highstreet Studio, delivers an amazing in-store experience.

Manage hundreds of stores

With the push of a button

Using the Highstreet Studio content management suite, updating digital signage across your stores becomes quick and easy. Content is updated instantly. You can create multiple streams for specific stores, events or campaigns and push them out centrally.

Rich presentation

Let the images speak for themselves

Our Digital Signage Solution is running on an app for the latest Apple TV. It offers edge-to-edge imagery on any of your in-store screens. It offers video and photo content and you can add subtle animation effects to transition from one look to the other.

Fits your product

Optimised for any view

Many digital signage solutions are optimised for landscape view. Our solution let’s you create content for any orientation.

Multiple streams

The right message, in the right store

You can create different streams for different campaigns or stores. For example, create a ‘Summer Sale’ stream or show lookbooks of your latest collection. Or create a specific stream for certain screens that are only available in your flagship stores. The solution is simple and flexible.

Simple and central creation

Highstreet Studio is designed to make the life of your merchandising team easier. Using this content management suite they can create content in a few simple steps and send it out to stores. All streams are in one place and can be edited in realtime.


Say hello to in-store innovation


Because we use the latest mobile technology from Apple for our digital signage solution we do not require expensive hardware or special retail TV’s. A lightweight solution with maximum impact.

Works on any TV

Any TV with HDMI is able to connect to an Apple TV. Just open the app store and start streaming.

Rich content

Works with full screen portrait or landscape imagery or video’s. Content is updated in realtime but stored locally for the best performance.

Easy to set up and maintain

Maintaining content through Highstreet Studio could not be simpler.

How it works

Easy as 1,2,3

Highstreet’s Digital Store retail app is designed to be easy, timesaving, and functional. In three simple steps you are good to go.

Connect Apple TV

Connect your Apple TV to your in-store TV screen. The app will guide you through a few simple steps to get going.

Create streams

Create beautiful content streams in Highstreet Studio that will inspire your customers. Use photographs or videos. Content will change nicely with subtle transitions effects that you define.

Launch the app

Connect your Apple TV, select the appropriate stream and start casting your digital signage content in-store.

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Beautiful brands like Scotch & Soda are using the Highstreet Retail platform to improve mobile revenue, mobile loyalty and the in-store experience. Let’s have a call to talk further.

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