The complete mobile retail solution

On the go, on the couch, and in-store

The Highstreet Mobile Retail platform offers a complete suite of solutions to help you realise your mobile strategy goals.

The experience matters
Best-in-class user experience design

Customers have high expectations from the brands they love. We empower our customers to meet these. A high quality, finely detailed, user experience is one of the key elements of our platform. And we are continuously making this better by releasing new app updates every few weeks.

Home Merchandise
A warm welcome to your app

Your customers arrive on your app’s home view. From here you want them to go find what they need. Using our Studio, the design and layout of the home experience can be completely adapted to your brand. Each visual can link to a different destination. The result is a rich and compelling start of the customer journey.

Rich push notifications
Get in touch with your customers

Push notifications are the most personal and effective way to engage with your mobile customers. Grab your customers attention for your beautiful products right on the device’s lock screen.

Push a product

Push a category

Push a Lookbook

Magazine-like shopping

Our lookbooks offer your customers truly inspirational shopping. They seamlessly combine the fun of browsing beautiful photo shoots with the comfort of being able to buy straight from the photos. It’s a unique experience that lets your customers stay longer, return more often and spend more. And they’re super easy to create too.

Unique features
Redefining what mobile can do

Mobile technology is continuously changing and offering new ways to innovate the mobile shopping experience. As a platform, we have the power to stay on top of new technology and reinvent the experience.

3D Touch

3D Touch offers an entirely new and frictionless experience on mobile. By pressing the display, you can easily zoom into product details. Everything your customers want, without lifting their finger.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers your customers a quicker and safer way to pay. Using their fingerprint, paying becomes super easy and removes all friction from the buying process. This results in a lot less cart abandonment.

Lightning fast

Because our apps run natively on the mobile devices of your customers, the shopping experience is so much faster than mobile web. Using smart caching and preloading technology, our apps are always a step ahead of the user.

Rich push notifications

Get in touch with your app customers by sending them rich push notifications. Notify your customers about new collections or when sales start. It’s a powerful way to increase engagement

Mobile Loyalty
Engage your most loyal customers

Most of your mobile revenue will come from loyal customers. We integrate with your loyalty program to offer your customers a personalised mobile shopping experience. This helps you to increase sign-ups, spend, and repeat purchases.

Connected Store
An inspirational store experience

Our Connected Store solutions offer true omnichannel shopping by seamlessly connecting your app to your retail store. Use mobile technology to empower your store staff and your customers. Sell your online stock in your retail store, improve service and enrich the in-store experience.

App discovery
New technology that drives customers to your app

Apps are here to stay. They simply offer the fastest and most advanced experience on mobile. Because of this, the big tech companies are introducing new ways to make app discovery simple.

Universal Links

Universal links is a new iOS technology that consolidates the links of your webshop with your app. This means that once customers have downloaded your app, the next time they encounter a web link the app will open by default.

App indexing

Google and Apple are now indexing apps in respectively Google Search and Apple Spotlight Search. Highstreet fully supports this so that your app can be indexed and customers can discover your app outside of the app store through search.

Instant apps

There is no need to worry about your app downloads anymore. Google’s instant apps stream your app directly to your customer’s mobile device. It offers the same native experience without having to download the app.

Seamlessly move your customers from web to app

The Highstreet smartbanner notifies your customers about your app when they are using your mobile website. The smartbanner shows a branded design and briefly explains the benefits of your app to your customers. Once they open the app from here they will land on the same product within the app. It just works.

Advanced integration
Open architecture to fit your requirements

We believe that for true mobile commerce deep integration with existing retail technology is required. That’s why we designed the Highstreet Gateway middleware to natively integrate with your e-commerce catalog on API level. But we can also connect to other systems so that we fully integrate with your current setup.

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