Product detail view

Big impact. Exceptional details.

Bleeding edge product experience

Maximize the way users experience your products. Bigger images, refined animations and improved information hierarchy. Next generation software, designed for next generation devices.

New design

Completely redesigned to discover and impress.

The new product detail view is the optimal blend between software and hardware. Edge to edge images allow for the best product experience. Users can browse colors while keeping your product in sight. New key action buttons allow you to promote your best features. Refined animations will enhance the experience your products deserve.

Big focus on images

Edge to edge product images will blow your customers away.

Improved information hierarchy

The right data, at the right place. Clean and simple.

Large color picker

Visual overview of all color options, to maximize exposure of your collection.

Flexible product content

Key actions and flexible product details will cover all your needs.


100% designed for the big screen.

The new product detail view is designed from scratch for the latest iPad. Customers will have a beautiful product browsing experience on the big screen.


Everything is in the details

Add to cart. Check.

It’s essential that customers know where to find the cart. Our new animations leave no doubt by popping the cart icon. A little bit of haptic feedback does the rest. Ready to checkout.

More color options. Here they are.

When customers scroll through the product information, different color options animate in nicely. We make sure your complete collection gets noticed.

Every interaction matters.

From zooming in on your products to using 3D touch to zoom in to the product image, every interaction matters. With this redesign we made sure every step is intuitive, beautiful and easy to complete.


Powerful product display.

The new product detail view allows for edge to edge product images, maximizing the impact of your products. Our redesigned icon format will keep important navigation in sight at all times.

More space for your

product images

3D touch supported

image gallery

Improved icon



Key actions. Highlighted.

Key action buttons allow you to highlight your most important actions on the product detail view. These new buttons can contain an icon and will link to any content you want, offering you flexibility and your customers convenience.

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