October release: Dynamic Splash Screens, Video lookbooks on home wall, iOS 15 support & more



It’s October release time! Over the last couple of months, our team has been working hard to improve our features and deliver much-requested changes. Highlights of October’s release include the ability to update your splash screen & account content from Studio, greater flexibility for home tiles, Video Lookbook on Homewall & much more.

Platform Update – October 2021

🚀 New features

iOS, Studio & Android

Splash screens are a great way to showcase a new collection, and you can now change them manually inside Studio. Previously, you would have to submit a new splash screen for our team to implement manually on the backend – a process that would take a week or more. With this update, you can now make this change yourself, instantly. This makes it easier to change your splash screen to highlight a new collection without having to plan the change weeks in advance.

Additionally, we have implemented a fix for an issue where the splash screen would sometimes not be visible for users with a fast connection. We have implemented a short delay to ensure every user sees your splash screen correctly. This delay has already been rolled out on iOS and will be added to Android shortly.

iOS, Studio & Android

Display Video Lookbooks on Your Home Wall

Video Lookbooks are a great way to increase conversion through your mobile app, but until now, you weren’t able to display them on your Home Wall. With this update, we’ve added a new option in the Home Merchandise Manager which will allow you to select a Video Lookbook as content for a row in your Home Wall.
We’ve already seen many brands creating beautiful Video Lookbooks, with this update you’ll be able to enhance your Home Wall and encourage more users to check out your lookbooks.


iOS 15 Support

Apps will now run better and smoother for users with the new iPad mini, new iPhones, and all other devices running iOS 15. We’ve updated our platform to fully implement the iOS 15 SDK and to use XCode 13. This means the app will run more fluidly and take advantage of the high refresh rate screens that the latest devices feature.

iOS, Studio & Android

Home Titles Improvements

In this update, we have optimized the Home Titles on Home Tiles to enable brands to add additional text to the Tile in Studio. This allows you to add additional information to each tile and provide a better user experience on what is likely the most viewed and one of the most important sections of your app, your home wall.
Additionally, we have tweaked the previews in Studio so that they provide a more accurate view of what your app will look like on a mobile device. This should make designing your ideal Home Wall even easier.

iOS & Android

Displaying OSS Licenses

Our platform uses numerous open-source libraries and these will now be displayed in the app through a link on the main page of the account, as a content page, next to the app version. This change has been made to comply with license agreements and legal requirements.

iOS & Android

Other Improvements & Fixes

In addition to these larger changes, we have also made a number of other small improvements and fixes to improve your experience and that of your users. These include:

– Several store hub issues were found and fixed.
– A small issue with displaying the loyalty points input method was discovered and fixed.

– In line with Google Play Store guidelines, different file type for the apps will be uploaded during the release process.
– Continued the migration of RxJava (a large library used for android core)

Studio, Backend

Push Notification Throttling

App stability and fluency are one of our top priorities. Push Notifications can send a large number of users to your app in a short amount of time. We’ve noticed that this can sometimes cause instability issues when underlying e-commerce platforms cannot handle this sudden spike in traffic.

To prevent these kinds of issues, we will now send out push notifications in several smaller batches over the course of a few minutes, instead of one big batch, thus spreading the load to your servers.
These batches will be created automatically when you schedule a push notification, so there’s no action from your side required to benefit from this feature.


Improvements to Logging, Monitoring & Alerting

We are continually working on the backend of our platform to improve performance and functionality. One of our most recent changes is to revamp our logging and monitoring setup, enabling better insights into things like load speed, error tracking, and other factors that affect the performance of your app.

What’s next?

That’s it for our release update! Have a peek at our release portal to see what’s new and what’s next at Highstreet.

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