Meet Benjamin, our new Chief Commercial Officer

Exciting news! Fashion industry expert Benjamin Nassler joined Highstreet as Chief Commercial Officer. Benjamin worked internationally in e-commerce for fashion brands like HUGO BOSS and BESTSELLER. There could not be a better fit with Highstreet. Read his thoughts on shopping apps, Apple App Clips and on bridging the gap between retail and e-commerce.
Highstreet Mobile

Highstreet Mobile

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Ben: “You can call me Ben! I used to work as an e-commerce manager for fashion brands. 8 years ago I started working for Hugo Boss, where I joined the e-commerce team. After Hugo Boss I joined Bestseller, where I became the head of e-commerce for Selected, one of their medium-sized companies.

What do you love about the fashion industry?

Ben: “That’s a quite personal story. When I was young I started to modify my own clothes using my grandmother’s sewing machine. For me, fashion is about expressing yourself. Out of curiosity I started to study fashion design. Besides being a student I was also a freelance web designer. What I liked about both is that you can create whatever you like. Around that time, e-commerce started to grow. That was when I learned I could combine the two things I love: fashion and online.”

Why the shift from fashion brands to Highstreet?

Ben: “At Hugo Boss, one of my responsibilities was the app relaunch. We custom built the commerce app, but then I realized there are so many things you have to think about when building from scratch. And that’s not the core business of a fashion brand. So when relaunching the commerce app at Selected, we took a different approach. After some research I found the Highstreet Mobile commerce app platform. I really liked their unique attention to design that resonated with the ambitions for our brand. A high quality, stunning fashion brand experience, and no risk because of their revenue share model. That basically gave me AHA-moment. We launched the Highstreet app for Selected and Jack & Jones and we were stunned by the results. We instantly multiplied our app revenue and the conversion rates were incredible. We decided all of the Bestseller brands should use the Highstreet app instead of building it ourselves. Because I was so enthusiastic about Highstreet I decided to join the company!”

“We’re very happy to have Ben on board as our CCO. He has a wealth of experience in the high-end fashion industry, knows mobile technology inside out and as former e-commerce manager knows exactly what our future customers need.”

Founder & CEO, Thijs van Schadewijk

What is your personal mission?

Ben: “My mission is to get the word out about the Highstreet app platform! With Highstreet, brands can truly upgrade their apps which leads to enhanced customer experience and higher conversion rates. So many more fashion brands can benefit from it, but many companies don’t know about us yet. I’m happy to be part of that journey.”

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What is your vision for Highstreet in the short and long term?

Ben: “We already have a great quality app platform, but we are always evolving with new features and technology. With one of the latest developments, we can finally deliver on the promise of omnichannel. App Clips, just recently released in iOS 14, will strengthen the link between app and store, which is fundamentally bridging the gap between retail and e-commerce. The past years, lots of fashion brands have built the infrastructure for omnichannel, for example shipping products from the store. However, it has always been tricky to integrate the website with the store, because the website can’t really interact with the store. There was this gap in experience for the customer. App Clips fill that gap. With App Clips you don’t even have to download the app. It opens up a much deeper integration from the phone in the consumer’s pocket with the store. I truly believe it will change how retail will work in the future. With Highstreet we push that development.”

What inspires you?

Ben: “I love following tech developments, because it has such a big impact on what e-commerce managers do. Think of App Clips I mentioned before. Another great example is the Gucci app which lets you try shoes on remotely in AR, quite close to the retail experience. This will become even more important in the future because it will again bridge the gap between retail and e-commerce. E-commerce is so dynamic and still growing. The new technology in itself is just the foundation of how and when brands use that technology, that is so interesting. I never get bored by it.”

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