Scotch & Soda retail apps

A unified mobile shopping experience using the Highstreet platform

Scotch & Soda is the first fashion brand running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Demandware) that is joining the Highstreet platform. Scotch & Soda operates webshops in all major European markets and the US. To cater the fast growing number of mobile shoppers, Scotch & Soda now also offers Highstreet retail apps in these countries.

Inspirational lookbooks

Mobile users are leaning back and therefore are more open to be inspired. That’s why Scotch & Soda was very excited to use our lookbook feature. Lookbooks offer fullscreen edge-to-edge fashion photography that shows how Scotch & Soda’s apparel is meant to be worn.

Easy to create

Scotch & Soda didn’t just choose the Highstreet platform because of the high quality app experience it offers to their customers. Just as important is the quality of the tools that allow the Scotch & Soda merchandise team to create content for the apps. We designed the Highstreet Studio with the same design standards as for our apps. This makes creating lookbooks and home merchandise not just easy but even plain fun to do.

Easy to experience

On mobile, customers are using their devices from the couch, while leaning back. That’s why inspiration is one of the design fundamentals of our platform. And that’s why we created lookbooks for Highstreet: a fullscreen photographic buying experience. Tapping the animating hotspots on the lookbook photos, opens an inline view of the catalog. It’s a truly smooth and seamless shopping experience.

3D Touch

Next level user experience

Native platform features like 3D Touch allow us to make mobile shopping better. Now, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can get a sneak peek on the category view to scan a product quickly. In the product detail view, you just press the screen lightly to zoom in on the product image and view the details of a garment. It’s simple, useful, and fun. 3D Touch is just one of the many features of Highstreet that make the mobile shopping experience better.

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“We love that the Highstreet team is committed to continuously improve the mobile shopping experience. Besides this, they also offer fantastic tools for our merchandising teams to create mobile content.” Wim van Zijl - E-commerce manager Scotch & Soda

Fully integrated with Commerce Cloud

We designed Highstreet to natively integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in the deepest way possible. This means customers can get all information they need - like stock levels, shipping methods etcetera - at the right time. And it means that no catalog needs to be done specifically for the app. At the same time, our platform takes care of services that are essential for mobile. Like dynamically resizing and optimizing images depending on the mobile device that calls for it.

Multi-country support

Highstreet lets Scotch & Soda deploy one app for all countries they want to support. Depending on the device regional settings it will offer the right language and local settings. Right now, customers in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and even the US are able to enjoy the Scotch & Soda app.

Fast onboarding

Starting with Highstreet is simple and does not impact your IT budget. Typical go to market takes 6 weeks from start to finish. While the majority of the work is done by the Highstreet team.

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Keeps getting better

Because Highstreet is a shopping app as a service our customers don’t need to worry about innovating and maintaining their shopping apps. Have a look at a selection of the updates we did last year.

Looking back at 2016

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