Our journey in 2017

Building the most delightful mobile experience

A quick look back before we put our sights on the future again

We’re proud of the work we have done in 2017 and like to thank our customers for their continued support and enthusiasm. Here’s a brief summary of the year. We wish you all the best for 2018.

- The Highstreet team

Platform growth

More volume, more sales

Gross Merchandise Value

We see growth of app usage across the board. Even brands that have been using our platform for 3 years still grow 50% year over year. The app share now reaches approximately 25% of the total online business for several brands.

Conversion per user

As time progresses, customers become even more loyal to our apps. The average conversion per customer across all brands on our platform was already high in 2016. Nevertheless it still grew from 6% to 11%. We’re very proud of that number.

Beautiful new brands

We could not be prouder of the brands that selected us as their partner to deliver a great mobile experience to their customers.

Straight from 5th Avenue

Our first stake in the U.S.


You can now shop the Californian designed collection in the brand new Vince app.

Vince is unlike any other brand on our platform. With their minimalistic styling, all the attention goes to their beautiful products. The app acts as the digital flagship store for the brand. Offering the best experience for the fans of the brand.

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New features to surprise and delight

The richest experience on mobile

New Lookbooks

A new version of our popular lookbooks allowing customers to browse the full lookbook from the first to the last page. Now also on Android!

Rich Push Notifications

Show your new collection, products or Lookbook straight on the lock screen of your customer’s device. This way, you engage your customers while they’re not even using the app.

Video Merchandise

Native brand video’s seamlessly integrated into the app experience.

Getting personal

A more personal experience on your most personal device

Apps are the new loyalty cards

No need for any plastic Loyalty cards anymore, you now get one in the app. This is (of course) scannable at the cashier, so you don’t miss out on any of your Loyalty benefits.

Vouchers in the Cart

Swipe through all your vouchers, select the ones you want to add, right in the cart. Your discount is immediately applied.

Personalised push

Send personalised push messages to your customers when they received a vouchers or send them a gift for their birthday. Engage on a personal level with your customer, on the lock screen of their device.

Our app reviews say it all

When the customer is happy, we’re happy

“So it is hard for a guy who is fashion conscious like me to find THE ultimate favorite brand, until I purchased my first Vince shirt. Never turned back! This app is amazing too and is very sleek and user friendly. Amazing brand! Cheers!”

- Vince app user

All the highlighted features above

Also on Android

The best we have to offer, not only on iOS

We’ve been developing our Android app for over two years now, and we’re on the same level as the iOS siblings.

All the features we’ve shown earlier are also available on Android. The Lookbooks on Android are just as nice and the Video Merchandise plays just as smooth.

We’ve also updated our old friend

iPad updates

Bigger display, more space for content

We’ve launched the very first version of the Highstreet app on the iPad back in 2014. 4 years later, the iPad has changed a lot, and so have we.

Video feels even more special on iPad, because of the much larger display. Browsing the new Lookbooks is a new experience due to the ability to show more products.

The apps have been improved, but so has Highstreet

23 releases

We are proud of our speed and our developers are used to releases frequently and often. This allows us to improve the apps continuously and add new features at the same time. We wrote 60.000+ lines of code in 2017 resulting in 23 releases and most importantly, lots of 5 start customer reviews.

30 new features

During 2017, we released 30 updates both for the apps and for Highstreet Studio to make sure we’re delivering the ultimate shopping experience on mobile.

New colleagues

In 2017 we welcomed 5 new colleagues. Developers, designers and project managers. In 2018 the team will grow even faster.

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