How Fashion Brands are using fully-shoppable Video Lookbooks to increase revenue and boost branding.

One of the most enduring trends in fashion marketing are lookbooks. Originally produced as physical catalogs or style books, lookbooks have found new life online. At Highstreet, we redesigned lookbooks specifically for mobile apps to bring brands and customers even closer.
Thijs van Schadewijk

Thijs van Schadewijk

Founder & CEO

Today, I am excited to announce the next evolution of the lookbook: fully-shoppable video lookbooks that require no technical experience to create. Using the Highstreet Mobile platform, fashion brands can easily create stunning assets that captivate customers and seamlessly enable sales through your mobile app. 

These are more than just videos: we’ve connected the video experience to the product catalog so that the products are instantly shoppable, enabling users to tap and instantly view product details. Then, customers can either add an item to their basket or return to continue viewing the video lookbook.

Highstreet Mobile clients report that lookbook users on average spend 40% more time in the app, have a 200% increase in conversion rate, and spend 5% more per transaction. Lookbook users are also 5x more likely to return and make a new transaction.

Video Lookbook in use in one of our clients app

The Benefits of Video, Lookbooks, And E-commerce 

Fully-shoppable video lookbooks combine the engagement and conversion benefits of video with the branding benefits of lookbooks and the shoppability of an e-commerce store: 

  • Tell a Better Story – Video lookbooks enable you to effectively add your brand personality and differentiate your pieces from those of other brands. You are able to inject far more personality into a video lookbook than you can with standard product photos such as those you might use in your e-commerce store.
  • Showcase Products in Real Environments – Customers want to know what products will look like when they are wearing them. Lookbooks enable brands to show multiple related products in ‘real life’ scenarios that help customers to picture themselves wearing them.
  • Fully shoppable – Video lookbooks enable customers to quickly and easily make and act upon a purchase decision while viewing the lookbook. 

How To Create a Fully-Shoppable Lookbook Experience

Creating a fully-shoppable video lookbook and publishing it in your app is easy with the Highstreet Mobile platform. You simply upload your lookbook video to Highstreet Studio CMS, after which our system will process and optimize your video. Once the upload is complete, you’re able to assign products from your catalogs to a specific time slot of the video.

Every linked product is shown for a minimum of 3 seconds, after which another product moves into the screen automatically. This ensures that a shoppable product is always visible on screen. With a single tap, users can view product details instantly and add it to their basket or wishlist. By tapping the back button, customers return to the video lookbook, which automatically resumes.

Video Lookbook manager on Highstreet Studio

Let Your Brand Shine With Highstreet Mobile

Despite the advantages, very few brands are currently using fully-shoppable video lookbooks, in part because the technology necessary to create a seamless experience is complicated. The Highstreet platform takes care of all this, featuring:

  • An easy-to-use video lookbook creation system, which enables brand merchandisers to upload videos and choose which products display on the video.
  • A catalog with products so that users can seamlessly purchase products.
  • Best-in-class user interface designed to streamline the shopping experience and thoroughly tested over time.

Moreover, since the platform is based on an app-as-a-service model, Highstreet handles security, maintenance and updates. 

We’ve designed this platform especially for fashion brands with the objective of helping you create unique interactions with your customers and fans. Brands can launch a brand app within 6-8 weeks without a big IT budget or months of planning. If you would like to ask any questions, or request a demo, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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