DENHAM app doubles summer sale revenue

People spent 85% of their 'smartphone time' in apps. Apps have changed what people expect from a mobile experience. They want apps to be frictionless, beautiful and inspirational. Few fashion brads have succeeded in creating an app that meets their customer's expectations. But DENHAM The Jeanmaker did it, using the Highstreet Mobile platform. The premium jeans brand launched the app with an exclusive Summer Sales campaign. The result blew them away. The app more than doubled Summer Sales revenue and increased conversion by 6 times.
Highstreet Mobile

Highstreet Mobile

The DENHAM app strategy

DENHAM considers the mobile app their ‘digital flagship store.’ This means the app is not just a sales channel and product catalog, but also a place where DENHAM tells their brand stories. The app is full of rich brand content like 3D walks through the office of founder Jason Denham, information on art exhibitions in the DENHAM flaghship store in Amsterdam and much more.

DENHAM knows that their brand fans will download the app and they want to offer them the best DENHAM experience available of any online channel. They also see in their data that once people download the app, they come back more often, view more products and buy more. Hence the goal to get as many customers to download the app as possible.

“This successful campaign underlines the importance of an app-first strategy and the power of the Highstreet platform.”

Thomas Stegelmann – DENHAM The Jeanmaker

DENHAM’s bold summer sales campaign

To boost downloads, DENHAM developed a surprising sale strategy. The traditional Summer Sale started one day earlier for app users. This way, people who downloaded the app, already had access to the Sale on Friday, while the lower prices on the website went live one day later.

The results were beyond any expectation and forecast. App downloads got a very big boost. Conversion rates were six times higher and mobile revenue tripled.

“In the first opening weekend DENHAM grew last year’s results by 125%, by using the app as a primary channel. This successful campaign underlines the importance of an app-first strategy and the power of the Highstreet platform”, says Thomas Stegelmann, E-commerce & Marketing Director at DENHAM The Jeanmaker.

App-as-a-service means focus on the brand

The case is yet more proof of the perfect synergy between Highstreet Mobile and powerful fashion brands. To bring this to market DENHAM doesn’t have any in-house developers. They want to have full focus on creating beautiful products and tell wonderful stories around the brand. With the Highstreet Mobile platform DENHAM got to market quickly and launched with a wide array of features that set the app experience apart from other shopping apps.

Stegelmann: “Highstreet Mobile offers premium user experience apps-as-a-service. This allowed us to launch an app – that matches and exceeds our requirements and those of our customers – within 6 weeks.

Continuously getting better

The mobile designers and developers from Highstreet Mobile are continuously working on creating the ultimate mobile shopping experience. It’s their mission to connect people to the brands they love. Every two weeks new improvements are shipped.

“We really benefit from the continuous innovation cycle, and the experiences of Highstreet Mobile with other leading fashion brands. In this way we can easily keep our app up-to-date, without big investments in skills and development. An additional advantage is that Highstreet Mobile fully integrates the app with our Commerce Cloud digital retail platform from Salesforce”, says Stegelmann.

Since the DENHAM app launched, the apps’ share of total online revenue already grew to more than 20%. The app helps DENHAM to get closer to their loyal fans. Together with Highstreet’s technology, the DENHAM team wants to bring their fans more content, more services and a more personal experience for years to come.

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