Enhance your in-store experience with App Clips

and deliver on the promise of omnichannel​

Instant app experiences...
without the download.

Apple just launched App Clips with the release of iOS 14. What are App Clips? In short: fully native app experiences that open directly without going to the app store first. App Clips strengthen the link between app and store, which is fundamentally bridging the gap between retail and e-commerce. Get more clicks through bricks.

But how? Get inspired on how you can use App Clips to enhance the in-store consumer experience for your fashion brand.

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    App Clips at G-Star RAW stores

    We’re now entering an era in which consumers can get all the benefits of the native app experience without the download barrier. App Clips open up great opportunities for in-store. 

    At Highstreet, we love using the latest technology to create better customer experiences. That’s why we were the very first to launch App Clips for our consumer app platform. G-STAR, one of our beloved customers started using App Clips in Official Stores right away. Curious now? 

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