Product discovery App Clip

This App Clip will allow customers to easily learn more about in-store products by presenting content that is available digitally. Customers can view multiple looks, different colors and more. G-Star RAW uses this App Clip in shop windows and on displays in-store.

Try it yourself!

Scan the QR code and experience the ease of use of an App Clip.

Requires an iPhone running with iOS 14 or later. Android coming soon.


Instant app experiences... without the download.

App Clips have the benefits of a native experience, without the download barrier. They are small and instantly stream to the user’s device. App Clips can be discovered using NFC tags, QR codes and more. Check out the video and discover how G-star brings convenience of online shopping to their stores.

App clips connect online with in-store


A better store experience

Use your store to sell more online.

Satisfy customers by offering online inventory when products are out of stock in your store.

Enhance the in-store experience with digital product information from your app.


Increase reach & engagement

Use your app to offer a seamless journey from online to in-store.

In-store visitors are converted into loyal members by downloading the app.

Customers who discover your app in-store and can now be reached anytime through using push notifications.

Now every display becomes a seamless shopping experience

With App Clips you can enhance the brand experience for your customers. On the streets, on your products or in your store displays.

Display advertising

Shop on the go

App Clips can be used at any location. Besides enhancing your store experience, you can use App Clips to transform any promotion in to a shopping experience. Use them in signage at bus stops or any other display advertisement.


Digital product information in the store

Your mobile app has a lot of rich product information your customers in the store can’t see. App Clips enable you to show product images from all angles, offer more information and allow customers to order sizes from your online inventory.

Shop windows

Shop without visiting the store

App Clips can be used to turn your in-store mannequins in to a mobile shopping experience. Display your nicest looks to inspire customers and let them shop the look by using App Clips. Customers walking by your store can even buy products without visiting the store.


Shop from magazines

Products and looks in your magazine are a great way to inspire your customers. The downside is that your customers need to remember and find these products in your store or online. With App Clips you allow customers to immediately shop the products from your magazine and buy them with just a few taps.

5 ideas on how to use App Clips for fashion brands

We created a white paper to inspire you with 5 different use cases for App Clips, focused on fashion brands. Interested? Download the white paper and let us know what you think.

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