App Platform Release – September 2020

Every few weeks you can look forward to new features on the Highstreet platform. Over the past six weeks our product teams worked hard to bring a large number of innovative features to the Highstreet app platform. All these features are available in our mobile platform and we’re super excited to share them with you! Enjoy finding out!
Joeri van Beek

Joeri van Beek

Customer Success Manager

App Clip: Product Discovery

With App Clips your customers can open a native app experience without having to downloads your app. They simply scan a QR-code or hold their phone near an NFC tag and they can start shopping. Learn more about the endless possibilities of App Clips for your fashion brand.

Effortless new bottom navigation

Navigation is very important for shopping apps with big catalogs. At Highstreet we always invested a lot of research and development into this and we are proud of the current navigation on iOS. But we’re always looking at ways to innovate further.

Looking at the current smartphone market, it is obvious that big devices (5,5-inch and up) are here to stay. With mobile screen sizes increasing, we are also taking a closer look at how our interface can be optimized for this.

Over the years, navigation patterns have stayed the same in most shopping apps. One exception is the bottom bar, which has been adopted by most apps as the way to go for the main navigation on larger screens. Users can easily reach the most important navigation views while holding their phone in one hand.

This also made us investigate if there is a way to browse categories just as effortless as the bottom bar. By moving down the category navigation to the bottom of the screen, we believe navigating can become even more effortless. No need to stretch your thumb to reach the top of the screen, which is annoying for users navigating the app with one thumb.

The redesigned navigation will retain the unique qualities of the current iOS navigation:

  • Always be able to see your current position in the navigation
  • Always be able to see more navigation options
  • Show product results with every navigation step

Improved Cart Promotions

We made multiple improvements to the cart in the way that promotions and data are presented.

Brands often have multiple promotions running at the same time, which they want to see exposed in the cart. A sale, 10% extra discount and employee discount can be applied at the same time, but in the past it wasn’t always clear if the discounts were handled correctly. 

Improved Cart Promotions

With this feature we enable fashion brands to fully utilize the promotions setup. When you configure a promotion, we will allow you to expose these as labels in the shopping bag of the apps. These promotions help customers understand where their discounts are coming from and if promotions are correctly applied.

We’ve added a dropdown displayed next to the configurations, as recently implemented in Android too. This will make it clear a user is able to change the selection in the cart.

Product lists

When we added the “Recently viewed” and “Personal recommendations” sections to the platform, this brought a great new way of displaying products on the home wall of your apps. With the Product List Manager we take this a step further. We expanded the product list feature to be able to display any (filtered) category on your home wall.

Let’s say you want to highlight a category of recently launched products on your home wall, you are able to do that.

Product lists — Highstreet App Platform
Product lists

E-mail marketing opt-in toggle

We’ve added an optional marketing opt-in toggle to enable users to give permission to use personal data for marketing purposes when creating an account. By turning on the marketing opt-in toggle, the Terms & Condition toggle becomes a message at the bottom of the view.

E-mail marketing opt-in toggle

Other iOS improvements

Expand deeplink support in App Extensions

App Extensions are a great way for you to offer brand experiences that seamlessly integrate with the rest of the app. With this update we add more possibilities for adding deeplinks to other app sections from within your App Extension. 

Refined Coupon Code UI

The previous coupon code field was great for users that have a coupon code to redeem, but it may give users without a code a reason to leave the checkout and look for one on the web. Because of this we’ve made the coupon code UI less prominent in the checkout interface, but still obvious enough for users that wish to redeem their code.

The benefits of building a shopping app on a true SaaS platform

The big advantage of an app platform is that it is continuously improving itself. Highstreet offers the most innovative mobile platform that can launch your shopping app within 6–8 weeks. With out-of-the-box features, great design and fully compatible with your backend. We take care of the technology so you can focus on your brand.

Get in touch!

That’s it for our release update! We’d love to tell you all about the new standard in shopping apps! Drop us a line! Or have a peek at our release portal to see what’s new & what’s next at Highstreet.  

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