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How Marlies Dekkers got 75% mobile revenue

App exclusive campaign boosts Black Friday weekend results

Marlies Dekkers is a famous Dutch lingerie designer. Her brand has changed the world of lingerie for good with her inspiring designs and philosophy. To better serve her many devoted fans on mobile, Marlies Dekkers launched a branded shopping app at the end of 2016. The goal of the app was not only to add a new revenue channel but also to offer fans a better way to stay close to the brand.

First year results exceeded expectations

The results of the app exceeded expections by far, according to Jerome Orlemans, E-commerce Manager for the brand:

"With our very specific catalog of women's underwear and swimwear I doubted if an app would take off. I was very wrong, our customers love the app and it became very successful quickly."

Jerome Orlemans - Marlies Dekker

In 2017, the first full year, Marlies Dekkers quickly saw that the app attracted loyal customers who bought more once they were using the app because of the increased convenience the app offers. They viewed more products, returned more often and bought more than on any other channel including desktop. Furthermore customers showed their appreciation of the app through the stream of 5-star reviews. Because of these results Marlies Dekkers decided to take the next step and give the app users a special treat on Black Friday 2018.

Marlies Dekkers 2018 Black Friday campaign

Worldwide more consumers were shopping on mobile devices on Black Friday in 2018 than ever before. Leading lingerie brand Marlies Dekkers saw this opportunity coming and decided to put the mobile app in the frontline of their Black Friday multichannel strategy. The reasoning: app users convert higher than on any other channel. The goal: moving more customers to that channel so total sales will increase.

That’s why Marlies Dekkers launched the Black Friday sale campaign a day earlier in the app and communicated this message (“now in the app, tomorrow on the website“) across all their channels. This strategy resulted in an app traffic and download peak during the start of the sale that also stayed far above average from Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

Results: a huge sale boost

As said Marlies Dekkers’ conversion rates of the mobile app are always much higher than both desktop and mobile web. This remained the same during the Black Friday weekend with the increased app volume. App shoppers outperformed all other channels with double digit conversion rates per customer, twice as high as desktop conversation rates. So as a result of moving customers from other channels to the app, total Black Friday weekend sales volume increased significantly.

Indexed conversion rates

Indexed conversion rate per user from Black Friday to Cyber Monday 2018

"A great result! We exceeded our revenue target, got thousands of new downloads and climbed to an all-time high position in the App Store. Just amazing!"

Dimitar Petkov - Marlies Dekkers
Apps drive mobile growth

For Marlies Dekkers putting their app in the frontline of their sale paid off. The brand is proud to show a stead year-on-year growth on dektop and mobile web, but apps are the real standout with growth of 225%.

Because of their app strategy Marlies Dekkers was able to turn mobile into a highly profitable channel with 76% of sales. The app did a much bigger piece of total revenue than last year and helped offset the typical loss of conversion brands experience when customers move from desktop to mobile.

Turn Loyals into Royals

There are not many fashion brands that get 76% of their revenue out of the mobile channel yet. Marlies Dekkers was able to accomplish this by offering an app that customers love and by making it a strategic priority to move customers to the app channel. As a result they not only boosted their Black Friday sales, but also have more customers in a better converting channel for years to come.

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